10 Feel Good Retailers for the Conscious Consumer

Christmas is less than a week away and you’ve got everyone on your list covered right? Well, almost.

In case you’re not already stressed enough about finding everyone the perfect gift, the added pressure and guilt of shopping with retailers that don’t support your values is an unnecessary reality for those of us that care about aligning our consumption with our beliefs. More and more, consumers are looking to consciously choose brands that stand for something.

That’s why we founded Progressive Shopper, a platform and web extension that empowers consumers to shop their values by providing current data on the political contributions of the most popular brands, at the point of purchase. Corporations, through their PACs and employees, spend billions each year funding political candidates, and while the Federal Election Commission (FEC) collects this data and makes it available to the public, it lives in large databases that are hard to access.

In the spirit of the holidays, what better gift than to buy something for a loved one while also knowing that your hard earned money is supporting a company that is behind the people and causes you believe in?  Here’s our top 10 list of popular retailers that you can feel good about shopping with this holiday season.

Etsy – We all want our gifts to be personal and unique and Etsy is the place to shop for handcrafted and vintage gifts for anyone on your list. With 100% of Etsy’s political contributions going to Democrats, your loved ones will thank you twice.

TOMS Shoes – For the stylish and thoughtful on your list, buying from TOMS not only means that TOMS gives back through their One for One initiative, but 100% of Toms Shoes political contributions go to Democrats. Plus, they just committed to give $5 million dollars to organizations working to end gun violence. Now that’s holiday gifting that means something.

American Eagle – With clothing for just about everyone on your list, this American clothing brand is donating exclusively to Democrats, with 100% of their political contributions going blue.

Macy’s – When it comes to department stores, shopping at Macy’s is a win for everyone this season. Not only do they have all of the name brands you love, 83% of their employee contributions go to Democrats and 67% of Macy’s PAC contributions also go to Democrats.

Costco – Our favorite big box retailer, Costco has it all this holiday season, from the food and drinks you will serve at holiday parties to toys, clothing and so much more. The best part? 93% of the political contributions made by Costco employees go to Democrats.

L’Oreal – From make-up to skincare to bath products and more, buying from L’Oreal will make you look and feel good. 100% of L’Oreal’s’ political contributions go to Democrats.

REI – For the outdoor enthusiast in your life, REI is a sure bet when it comes to finding a feel-good sporting retailer. 100% of REIs political contributions go to Democrats, including 100% of the company’s employees also giving exclusively to Democrats.

Sur La Table – Every cook’s dream kitchen is stocked with Sur la Table cookware and accessories. With 100% of their contributions going to Democrats, it’s a chef’s and liberal’s dream!

Tiffany & Co. – As if you needed another reason to covet that little blue box, 99% of Tiffany & Co.’s political contributions go to Democrats. It may be a splurge, but it’s one you and your special someone can definitely feel good about.

USPS – You found the perfect gift, but now you have to get it there. Shipping with the USPS is by far the best choice, over competitors like FedEx and UPS. 88% of their PAC contributions go to Democrats and 77% of USPS workers donations went to Democrats in last two cycles.  

Not finding the retailer you need to buy the perfect gift for everyone on your list? Download the Progressive Shopper browser extension here and visit any of the over 500 retailers you’re already shopping with. This quick and easy tool will give you all of the details you need to shop with confidence this holiday season.