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How it works

Corporations and the individuals that work for them spend millions of dollars each year funding political candidates and their committees. The Federal Election Commission, (FEC), collects this data and makes it available to the public. Up until this point that data has been buried in large databases that are not very user-friendly.

At Progressive Shopper, we’ve taken this data directly from the FEC and put it in context – letting you know who companies support and how that compares to their competitors.

They’ve made a choice.  Now it’s your turn.

Here are a few more details for those of you really interested in data.

The data on the site covers the 2016 election cycle and the 2018 election cycle up through September 18, 2018.  

We will try to update the data as often as we can to give you the latest view of the data – likely three to four times per year.

As far as our color scheme –

  • Blue – a company and its employees give primarily to Democrats (60% or greater)
  • Purple – a company and its employees give relatively equally to Democrats and Republicans (40% to 60%)
  • Red – a company primarily gives to Republicans (only 40% or less to Democrats)

The data provided by the FEC:

  • includes those that contribute more than $200 in a cycle
  • Donors must report their name, address, employer and occupation, and these records are publicly available from the FEC
  • categorizes contributions to Democrats, Republicans – and sometimes other types of organizations.
  • For purposes of this data we’ve only included contributions that the FEC has definitively labeled as going to Democrats and Republicans

If you want to learn more about money in politics, check out the Federal Election Commission (, Center for Responsive Politics (, and MapLight (


or greater

Primarily gives to Democrats

41% – 59%

Gives relatively equally to Democrats and Republican

and below

Company primarily gives to Republicans