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LGBTQ+ Corporate Index

More and more corporations are adorning themselves with Pride colors to show support for the LGBT+ movement during Pride season. Despite this increasing support, our research shows that over 100+ rainbow-flag-waving US corporations has given over $1 million or more to anti-LGBTQ politicians over the last election cycle. Corporations can no longer slap on rainbow logo and claim to be “for” LGBTQ+ rights if their political spending demonstrates the contrary. In response to this growing issue, we have developed the LGBTQ+ Corporate Index.


Using the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Congressional Scorecard and Corporate Equality Index, we compiled a list of anti-LGBTQ+ rights politicians (congressmembers rated “0” by the HRC due to their lackluster performance on LGBTQ+ rights legislation) and HRC Rated “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equalities” (companies who were given a score of “100” based on their actions.) Then, we analyzed their FEC filings (campaign contributions from both their employees and PACS [combined] to each politician) and summed up the total financial support provided to each anti-LGBTQ+ rights politicians.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the goal of the LGBTQ+ Corporate Index?
    Progressive Shopper believes in the importance of exposing corporate influence in politics and informing conscious consumers of where their money is going to. This Google Sheet provides our latest analysis on the issue of LGBTQ+ Pinkwashers.

  2. How often is the Index updated?
    The index is constantly updated with the latest information about the private sector’s response to the Russian invasion. If you have any question, suggestion or contribution, please reach out to

  3. Are there any other groups working on this topic?
    Yes. Refer to the Human Rights Campaign and their partners.

Other ways to ADvocate for LGBTQ+ Rights

Curious about other ways to take action? Here’s a list of of organizations directly advocating LGBTQ+ rights!


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